Shrimp Tales

  • Celebrate Mardi Gras With King Cake and… Shrimp?

    Mardi Gras is upon us! On Tuesday, February 25th, the nation will celebrate Fat Tuesday, but of course, most people have been partying already! It’s a time when everyone can enjoy good times, good drinks, and of course good food. And no other food screams “Mardi Gras!” quite like king cake! Ah yes, the king...

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  • 5 VIDEOS: For the Love of Shrimp, Valentine’s Shrimp Recipes to Prepare at Home

    Not sure what to do for Valentine’s? After all, the restaurants are probably booked with reservations at this point. Since shrimp don’t take long to cook it’s not too late to plan a meal at home for tonight!  Here are 5 Valentine’s Day video recipes sure to please!       Valentine’s Lobster Shrimp Ravioli...

    Read More February 14, 2020
  • Shrimp Makes for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Dinner!

    This Valentine’s Day, whether you’re out on a perfect dinner date, hanging out with the gals (or guys), or just treating yourself (because hey, you’ve earned it!), nothing makes for a better dinner than Wild American Shrimp! Why you may ask?  Well, what better food for the day full of hearts than a meal that’s...

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  • Wild American Shrimp Launches “Don’t Be Shellfish With Your Shrimp Recipes!” Contest

    Do you love all of the shrimp recipes on our website? They come from a variety of sources including our own Chef Advocates. Have you ever thought, “Hey! I’ve got my own tasty recipe for shrimp and grits!” that you wish was featured on there? Or maybe you’ve got a secret recipe from your mom,...

    Read More February 12, 2020
  • How to Serve Up Shrimp to Your Lil’ Shrimp!

    Recently on Facebook, Angela Portier shared a picture of her adorable son Henry Luke enjoying some delicious wild-caught American shrimp! Thanks Angela! The wildest part about it: Henry Luke is only 9 months old! Of course, at Wild American Shrimp we believe in starting as early as possible when it comes to eating wild-caught shrimp,...

    Read More February 11, 2020

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