Shrimp Tales

  • Chef Advocate Highlight: John Currence

    JOHN CURRENCE CITY GROCERY Chef John Currence was born and raised in New Orleans, LA to a family that loved to cook and spend time in the kitchen. His mother’s travels with his father during his childhood, combined with the family’s several years in Europe, brought the dishes of the world to their dinner table,…

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  • Buying Fresh Shrimp? Here’s What to Consider

    Wild American Shrimp are naturally delicious either frozen or fresh. But if you’re buying fresh shrimp, how can you know your potential purchase is truly fresh? Shrimp that have been freshly caught still have the heads on. Heads should be removed before shrimp are frozen, to prevent mushy texture. Make sure there is no “fishy”…

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  • SHRIMP SCHOOL: How Shrimpers Actually Catch Wild-Caught Shrimp!

    For all of the shrimp that Americans eat (the average American consumes 4.1 pounds of shrimp per year) one might wonder, “How do shrimpers catch those delicious wild-caught shrimp?” What is surprising to many is that shrimp are an annual crop that is inherently sustainable. The shrimp that our members process are caught in the…

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  • Chef Advocate Highlight: Justin Devillier

    JUSTIN DEVILLIER LA PETITE GROCERY Justin Devillier was raised in Dana Point, California, a small beach town in South Orange County. He spent summers fishing for Yellowtail and Albacore tuna, and in the fall and winter, he would dive for lobsters just steps from his front door. This bounty of local seafood inspired him to…

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  • ASPA Member Feature: Philly Seafood Co.

    Founded in 2000 but with years of shrimping history before that, Philly Seafood Co. is family-owned and operated by the Garcias. The patriarch – Edward Garcia, Sr. – has been shrimping since he was a teenager and was the first Hispanic Gulf shrimp boat owner in Matagorda Bay, Texas. Today, with his daughter Regina running…

  • Shrimp School: The History of Jumbo’s Shrimp in Miami, Florida

    It’s time for another Shrimp History Lesson! Today we’re talking about Jumbo’s Shrimp – a seafood restaurant icon of Miami, Florida’s Liberty City district – complete with photos of actual Jumbo’s signage and memorabilia courtesy of the Southern Food and Beverage Museum in New Orleans, Louisiana! Described by the Miami New Times as “the Temple of Fried Shrimp,” Jumbo’s…

  • Wild American Shrimp: A True Beauty Food!

    We already know that wild-caught, American shrimp are delicious to eat, but did you also know that they offer a variety of beauty-based benefits? It’s true! Shrimp are a true beauty food! While shrimp are considered to be a genuine “beauty food,” you may be wondering that even means. Simply put, as more people discover…

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  • ASPA Member Feature: Gold Gulf Coast Packing Company

    Golden Gulf Coast Packing Company in Biloxi, Mississippi is a longstanding seafood business built upon a multi-generational cornerstone of strength and heritage. Richard Gollott, vice president of the company, followed the footsteps of his grandfather, Armond George Gollott, and father, Edgar Madison Gollott, who both made a living from an industry that relied on seasonal…

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  • Chef Advocate Highlight: Erik Niel

    ERIK NIEL EASY BISTRO Erik Niel was raised in Mandeville, Louisiana, a community on the north side of Lake Pontchartrain and an hour away from the Gulf. He describes it as a place where people care deeply about food, and everyone has that special dish they’re known for throughout the community. “In Southern Louisiana, food…

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  • ASPA Voices Support of FTC’s Proposed “Made in USA” Rule

    The American Shrimp Processors Association is voicing its support of a recently proposed “Made in USA (MUSA)” rule from the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). The rule is designed to promote transparency in the packaging of products labeled with claims of “Made in USA” and other U.S.-origin claims when they are actually produced in foreign countries….

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  • ASPA Member Feature: Mariah Jade Shrimp Co.

    David and Kim Chauvin are big visionaries, currently owning three businesses in Dulac, Louisiana: David Chauvin Seafood Company, the Bluewater individually quick frozen (IQF) shrimp-processing plant, and Mariah Jade Shrimp Co. The name Mariah Jade carries significant meaning for obvious reasons to the Chauvin family. Not only is it the name of the family’s 73-foot trawler…

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  • Chef Advocate Highlight: Chris Hastings

    CHRIS HASTINGS HOT AND HOT FISH CLUB & OVENBIRD RESTAURANT Christopher Hastings is the Chef and co-owner of Hot and Hot Fish Club and Ovenbird Restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama. A native of Charlotte, North Carolina, Hastings is a graduate of the Johnson & Wales Culinary School in Providence, Rhode Island. After graduation, Hastings moved to…

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  • ASPA Member Feature: Carson & Company, Inc.

    Carson & Company was founded in 1976 in the historic French fishing village of Bon Secour, Alabama by accountant-turned-shrimp processor, Carson Kimbrough. After several years of wearing coat and tie in his previous career as an accountant, the Alabama native had a desire to do something a little less formal and a lot more challenging….

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  • Chef Advocate Highlight: Jon Gibson

    JON GIBSON WHEELHOUSE OPP *ASPA’S 2017 CHEF OF THE YEAR* Chef Jon Gibson started his culinary career “flippin’ burgers” at the local Hardee’s restaurant and kept moving by trying his hands at tossing pizza dough at the local Domino’s and Pizza Hut. Chef Gibson has always been in or near the restaurant business by either…

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  • ASPA Member Feature: Biloxi Freezing & Processing, Inc. / M&M Processing, LLC

    When two well-established seafood families join forces, great things are bound to happen. Biloxi Freezing & Processing, Inc. / M&M Processing, LLC is a combined powerhouse of the shrimping industry that brings a combined 175+ years of experience to the table through the seafood legacies of the Suarez / McLendon and Mavar families. Initially, the…

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  • Chef Advocate Profile: Stuart Reb Donald

    STUART REB DONALD BELLA SERA GARDENS A self-taught chef, Stuart Reb Donald started cooking at the tender age of five with his grandmother. He was taught to gently knead the dough, shown the proper amount of bacon drippings to grease the pan, and finally allowed to bake his biscuit. A chef was born. After high…

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