Shrimp Tales

  • Are These Shrimp Really Local? Falsely Labeled Seafood Coming Through North Carolina

    Seafood may be labeled as local from North Carolina, but often it actually comes from Asian ponds and arrives infused with harmful supplements, according to a new study. A third of the shrimp marked as harvested from North Carolina waters likely was farm raised in a foreign country with fewer laws and oversight, according to…

    Read More August 30, 2019
  • How Does Your Grocery Store Differentiate Their Wild-Caught American Shrimp?

    Over the years, the American Shrimp Processors Association and Wild American Shrimp have encouraged consumers to look at the front and back of packages of shrimp in grocery stores. We want people to make sure they are buying wild-caught American shrimp and not imported, farm-raised shrimp. Some imported brands use Americanized brand names and package…

    Read More August 23, 2019
  • Do Restaurants in Your State Disclose Where Shrimp Are From?

    Louisiana Disclosure Law Enters Implementation Phase According to the Louisiana Lieutenant Governor’s office, the state had 51.3 million visitors in 2018. Combined with Louisiana’s 4.6 million residents, that’s over 55 million people who will likely eat out at least once this year in a Louisiana restaurant. Thanks to the passing of Louisiana House Bill 335…

    Read More July 20, 2019
  • Commercially Caught Wild American Shrimp From Gulf of Mexico Remain Safe to Eat

    Biloxi, Miss. July 8, 2019 – For the commercial wild-caught shrimp industry in the Gulf of Mexico, it’s business as usual. In spite of reports coming out of the Gulf of Mexico about a freshwater influx due to flooding in the Midwest, along with some resulting, close-to-shore algae blooms, commercial shrimp processors are reporting that…

    Read More July 12, 2019
  • Public-Private Summit Convenes in New Orleans to Comprehensively Address Challenges in Domestic Shrimp Industry

    New Orleans, Louisiana  July 10, 2019 – Members of the American Shrimp Processors Association (ASPA) participated in an industry summit on July 9, 2019 at the U.S. Customs House in New Orleans. They joined more than 20 U.S. government officials and members of the Louisiana Shrimp Association and the Southern Shrimp Alliance. The meeting was…

    Read More July 10, 2019
  • Louisiana Restaurants to Disclose Use of Foreign Shrimp and Crawfish

    House Bill 335 Passes Senate Unanimously, Moves to Governor for Signature Biloxi, Miss. May 29, 2019 – In a move to protect Louisiana consumers from “the health risks associated chemicals and residues in imported seafood,” the Louisiana Senate unanimously passed House Bill 335 (34-0) requiring restaurants to disclose whether they serve imported shrimp or crawfish….

    Read More May 29, 2019
  • Increased Tariffs on Chinese Shrimp: What Is the Effect on Wild American Shrimp?

    As the Trump administration moves to significantly increase tariffs on imports from China, the impact on Wild American Shrimp appears to be negligible, the executive director of the American Shrimp Processors Association, Dr. David Veal, said Saturday. “While 90-94% of the shrimp consumed in the U.S. is imported, unlike many products, China’s share of the…

    Read More May 12, 2019
  • ASPA WHITE PAPER: Restaurant Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) is Necessary to Prevent Health Risks

    Downloadable PDF version linked here: ASPA COOL White Paper I.      INTRODUCTION & OVERVIEW Americans are consuming more seafood than ever before. US per capita seafood consumption reached 16 pounds in 2017, the highest level since 2009.[1] The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently changed its Dietary Guidelines for Americans to recommend increases in seafood…

    Read More April 25, 2019
  • Shrimp Containing Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Found in Canadian Grocery Stores

    A Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Marketplace investigation has found worrying levels of antibiotic-resistant bacteria on imported shrimp bought at major grocery stores across Canada. Global demand for shrimp has exploded in recent decades, worth an estimated $39 billion U.S. and growing. Canada alone imports about $700 million in shrimp every year, with the majority of it coming from countries…

    Read More March 18, 2019
  • U.S. Dept. of Labor ‘Sweat & Toil’ App Shows Four Countries Using Child Labor, Forced Labor in Shrimp Production

    Child labor, forced labor and child forced labor are used in at least four countries that supply imported shrimp to the U.S., according to an app created by the U.S. Department of Labor. The U.S. Department of Labor’s app “Sweat & Toil: Child Labor, Forced Labor, and Human Trafficking Around the World” provides a comprehensive…

    Read More March 14, 2019
  • Do You Know Your Shrimp’s History?

    Americans ate 16 pounds of seafood on average in 2017, the most in nearly a decade. But how many of us know where our shrimp come from? Only Wild American Shrimp give you that succulent flavor that transports you to a seaside resort, so you want to know you’re serving the best. Learn more about…

    Read More January 18, 2019
  • U.S. Rejects Indian Shrimp at WTO

    Original article published by The Hindu Business Line | December 25, 2018  By Amiti Sen India has raised concerns over the increase in rejection of shrimp shipments from the country by the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) owing to its “stringent’’ testing requirements and has asked Washington to address the problem. New Delhi, in…

    Read More December 26, 2018
  • American Shrimp Processors Association Supports Wicker-Coons IUU Legislation Combatting Seafood Fraud

    Caption: From left to right: VADM (ret) Michael T. Franken, United States Navy; RADM Meredith L. Austin, United States Coast Guard; American Shrimp Processors Association Executive Director, Dr. David Veal, Senator Chris Coons (D-DE); and Director of Stimson Center’s Environmental Security Program, Sally Yozell at the recent co-hosted a panel briefing on Capitol Hill on the…

    Read More September 18, 2018
  • New, Food Truck Styled Seafood Distribution Company Launches in West Virginia

    Dock to Table, a new “food truck” styled, wild-caught seafood distribution company, will launch in West Virginia this Friday, Aug. 31, with the goal of providing customers in the surrounding area with the freshest, unprepared seafood available. Since shrimp are the most consumed seafood in the U.S., the company will feature Wild American Shrimp as…

    Read More August 28, 2018
  • Gulf Senators Again Assist Shrimp Sector

    On June 14, the Senate Appropriations Committee passed the Commerce Justice Science funding bill for fiscal year 2019 (FY19). Within that bill were several measures to assist the shrimp sector. First, the CJS Subcommittee provided $1.4 million in implementation monies for the transition of shrimp to the Seafood Import Monitoring Program (SIMP). Shrimp is included…

    Read More June 19, 2018
  • Senator Vows to Help Shrimpers

    Original Article by Julia Arenstam, Staff Writer, Houma Today/Daily Comet – June 8, 2018 U.S. Sen. John Kennedy told hundreds of shrimpers today that nobody is working harder than him to address the issues they’re facing. Within the next two weeks, the Louisiana Republican said he plans to introduce a bill that will require more…

    Read More June 12, 2018
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