Shrimp Tales

  • Top 10 Reasons to Buy Wild-Caught, U.S. Shrimp vs. Farm-Raised, Imported Shrimp

    Here at Wild American Shrimp, you may see us talking a lot about the virtues of our wild-caught, American shrimp – the tastiest shrimp in the world, all caught in the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic. But how do you know which shrimp to buy in the store or order in a restaurant when…

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  • No Wetlands, No Seafood

    ORIGINAL ARTICLE PUBLISHED BY NATIONAL FISHERMAN BY MORTY GASKILL AND RYAN BETHEA APRIL 23, 2019 Commercial fishermen are used to overcoming challenges. Whether it’s extreme weather events or a changing market and regulations, we work hard and adapt to carve out a living for our families. We represent a new generation of fishermen that depends…

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  • The Future of Shrimping: What’s New in Conservation Gear?

    Editor’s Note: As a part of the wild-caught shrimp industry’s ongoing efforts to support and sustain the U.S. shrimp fishery, below is an article, from North Carolina Sea Grant addressing just one of the many efforts supported by the industry to address sustainability. Original article by: Sara Mirabilio, Fisheries Specialist, North Carolina Sea Grant | May 10,…

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